If you're anything like me (and I like to think that you are so I can sleep at night), then you think about 101 Dalmatians whenever you come across a group of dogs that numbers more than 10. I guess Disney's classic film has a brain monopoly on the idea of multiple dogs in a story, not accounting for the Paw Patrol.

I might be exaggerating with that last part, but the twisted tale of Cruella Deville is an undeniable cultural touchstone for animated films in the United States. That's probably why this almost sixty-five-year-old movie was the first thing I thought of when I read about some dogs that were recently seized by the state.

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Now, before you let the phrase, "...seized by the state," send you into a rage, it is worth noting that these pups were removed from an unlicensed "animal shelter" in Weld County, according to the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Teaming with Weld County Animal Control, they were able to remove 95 dogs that they allege were being "illegally hoarded".

Most Colorado cities and counties have a limit of 4 adult dogs at one residence. In case you're keeping score, that means these folks were about 91 dogs over the limit, though I'm not sure how many of these dogs were adults as opposed to puppies. I'm also unsure if that's a distinction that actually matters, but since I'm not looking to house any dogs, let alone 95 of them, I might not be the best "expert" in this particular area of dog law.

Thankfully, the owners were cooperative, and surrendered the animals without incident. This saves us the trauma of an ugly standoff over having too many dogs, which I'd like to think we can all agree would be unnecessarily embarrassing for our state. Then again, it could have been the first standoff in history to end with a fluffy puppy party, so we may have missed out on an adorable, history-making opportunity. C'est la vie.

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