You're heading to the grocery store and your day has seemed long enough. There is not a good parking spot in sight. The only spot you see is near a big truck.

Why do customers back their big trucks into a parking slot?

Someone told me it's because it's easier than parallel parking, so they can get out when done shopping. I find it annoying, as I have been unable to park, as they are taking up spots in front and back of where I'd like to park.

Do they have to park so close to my car?

That is the worse. I had to climb into my car from the passenger side one time. Or you get back to your car only to see no other cars near you, but a nice new scrap or color of paint on your vehicle that wasn't there before?

This usually happens at a grocery store parking. Mainly for the fact that's where a lot of traffic is anyway. Or those parking lots that have spaces that look only like they will fit a compact car.

I remember getting hit by someone who got his eye dilated at the eye doctor and they backed into me, they basically destroyed the back end of my car (they did leave a note.) I'm sure you have a story or two as well. Please be considerate when parking next to your fellow shoppers.

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