I've had many interns throughout my career. I love teaching people who are interested in broadcasting. This past fall I mentored Keele C. as an intern. It had been a while since I mentored anyone due to the COVID-19 virus. Keele is a high school senior excited about acting and public speaking. She adapted right away to helping out with voice work and being on-air with the team. It's a great way to get class credits and learn something fun along the way.

Keele wanted to record a video about what we do at the station. A lot more than just talking on the radio as she learned. We make sure we play the top songs for our different formats, to many client commercials, and lots of on-air promotions. I remember being Keele's age and fascinated with listening and learning about the business. She will be going away to college next fall, mainly based on acting. She reflects on her time with us, saying she was glad for the experience she gained.

I'm so glad Keele was with us this past fall, we wish her all the best in pursuing her career dreams in the future. We offer internships to high school and college students. Thank you to Keele for her help on air as well! Check out her website.

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