As humans age, there is more and more of a possibility they will have medical conditions. One of those conditions involves your heart and an irregular heartbeat. To remedy this health issue, doctors will usually install a pacemaker into your body to regulate your heartbeat.

While this may seem like a human-only issue, it is not. Our furry friends can sometimes have an irregular heartbeat and that can cause many other problems when it comes to the health of our dogs. One Colorado man is urging us to help out our canine friends when we pass away.


Joe Suchman spoke with Denver 7 about what he would love to see happen. Suchman has a pacemaker and has had one for years. One day, he was walking one of his dogs and noticed it was showing signs of an irregular heartbeat. Suchman found out years later that dogs could be helped with the use of a pacemaker for this medical issue.

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Donated Pacemakers in Dogs

While this practice is not a common thing, it does happen. When someone dies with a pacemaker, the medical device can be donated to a dog if the person chooses to do so. Why not a human? According to Dr. Pamela Lee, Veterinary Cardiologist at VRCC Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Englewood, Colorado, pacemakers are usually not donated from one human to another due to the possibility of disease.

Transmitting diseased interspecies is much less common, and so implanting something from a human to another species is a lot safer.

Lee told Denver 7.

Suchman told Denver 7 that if his pacemaker can give a dog a second chance someday, it is the best possible legacy he can think of.


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