Mother Nature knows how to test Coloradans, whether she's teasing us with a snowmageddon or throwing it down.

And we say, "Bring it on."

We are Colorado, after all.

We adapt.

We adjust.

We go with the flow.

And live life to its fullest, even when the snow flies.

So when the snow piled up across Colorado this week, these residents shared just how to win in winter.

A Real Colorado Cook: Chillin' With Chili

A heavy spring snowstorm causing power outages? No problem for us, as Gwen Kraus shared to the Discover Colorado Facebook group. Her solution: chili on the barbecue. No power for eight hours in Florence just means more time to simmer.

cooking chili on grill in the colorado snow
Submitted by Gwen Kraus

We know, though, this isn't just about a power outage.

We are Coloradans. We grill year-round. (Have a favorite trick for grilling in the snow. Let us know. You can even chat us up on our app.)

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It's Easy Being Green in Colorado

Every Coloradan knows March is the snowiest month of the year in the Centennial state. And that also means St. Patrick's Day, so ... we know the proper snowman accessories are not a corncob pipe and a button nose but beads and bling aplenty.

St. Paddy's Day snowman Colorado
Photo submitted by Kathy Anastasov

This Coloradan Has Winter Perspective

Robbie Gellhaus shared what to do with 30 inches of snow in Estes Park. Get a little wild with plush moose and rams to capture this "possibly National Geographic award-winning photo!"

Shovel with a sense of humor

A heavy, wet snow can't dampen our spirits. People like Daras smile while shoveling (or at least bring smiles to her neighbors) we can't see if she's smiling in that dinosaur suit.

Go WIth the Fido Flow

Ryan Lange called this a dog walk ... we call it transportation. Coloradans don't get snowed in; we get out — one way or another.

No. 6 BONUS - Colorado Dogs Win Winter

We Coloradans love our dogs, and Colorado dogs love the snow ... cue Dakota ...

The Top 10 Snowiest Cities in Colorado: Is Yours on the List?

Have you ever wondered which Colorado towns get the most snowfall each winter? We did too. We're taking a look at the top ten snowiest towns in Colorado as we head into the winter of 2023-20204. Is your town one of the snowiest places in Colorado?

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

See 25 of Colorado's Coldest Record Lows Recorded in November

Winter is coming, and November is here to remind us all of how cold it actually gets in Colorado during the late fall months. We're checking out the record-low temps recorded in cities throughout Western Colorado during the month of November. Some of these records were set recently, and some have stood for nearly 100 years.

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20 of the Coldest Winter Temperatures of All Time in Colorado

Colorado is no stranger to extreme winter temperatures. Here's a look back at 20 of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the state.

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