The Grand Junction Jackalopes baseball team has a new owner, and Western Colorado is excited to welcome him to town. It's big news for fans, and the community, just as the Pioneer League baseball season is about to start.

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Keep scrolling to learn more about the Jackalope's new owner, and a look at the team's home opener in Grand Junction below.

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Grand Junction Welcome's Mike Tollin

Film and Television producer Mike Tollin joins the Grand Junction community as the new owner of the Grand Junction Jackalopes. Tollin has already rehired the team's front office team of President Mick Ritter and General Manager Harrison Shapiro. Tollin said he has big plans for the Jackalopes fan experience.

I'm looking forward to connecting the Jackalopes to the fans and local businesses in a new way, and we're determined to make attending Jackalopes games this season a completely different experience.

You Have Probably Seen One Of These

Mr. Tollin is a huge baseball fan as you might already know if you have seen any of his work. He's won four Emmy Awards and two Peabody Awards and received an Academy Award Nomination for his film about Hank Aaron. Tollin was executive producer of the amazing 10-part series about the NBA's Michale Jordan called "The Last Dance". Tollin also produced "The Captain," a seven-part series about Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees.

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2024 Jackalopes Season

The Jackalopes begin their season on May 24th on the road against Boise. The first home game of the season at Suplizio Field in Grand Junction will happen on June 4th against the Northern Colorado Owls.

Season and single-game tickets are on sale now at 

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