If you know where to look, there are plenty of amazing attractions to visit all across the state of Colorado. Whether these attractions are natural wonders, outdoor destinations, or something manmade, there is no shortage of amazing places to visit.

One place that is a bit of a hidden gem showcases the beautiful, intricate detail of the art of an artist that's been established in Southern Colorado for over half a century; a man by the name of Michael Garman.

Michael Garman's Magic Town is a Must-See Colorado Attraction

If you've spent a decent amount in Southern Colorado, there's a good chance you've seen some of Michael Garman's art, perhaps without even knowing it.

Garman has been a favorite in towns like Colorado Springs and Pueblo for many years, and the best place to check out what his art is all about is a place in the Old Colorado City neighborhood of Colorado Springs; a place called Magic Town.

Magic Town is located at 2814 West Colorado Avenue in the Olympic City and features not just a few pieces of Garman's artwork, but an entire miniature town.

In Magic Town, you'll find replicas of old, historic buildings, an old-timey bar, a diner, a hotel, and scene after scene representing the full gamut of between happy and lighthearted to sad and tragic.

Michael Garman's art is truly something to behold, and Magic Town is an attraction that every Coloradan and tourist alike should visit.

In the meantime, take a virtual tour of Colorado's Magic Town:

Magic Town is a Colorado Destination You Must See

Featuring the intricate and detailed miniatures of Michael Garman, Magic Town is a must-see Colorado attraction.

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