When it comes to awesome local restaurants, we've got plenty of incredible options in Colorado. This particular fried chicken restaurant is one of our all-time favorites. Have you been?

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Colorado's Best Fried Chicken Restaurant

When it comes to snacks, Colorado is on point with having some of the very best hidden restaurant gems in the entire country. Maybe I'm biased because I was born and raised here in Colorado, but we've legit got some killer choices of almost every kind of food you can think of. We've got American, Mexican, Asian, Indian, Italian, and more restaurants that people legit travel into Colorado just to try. One place that I've loved since I was a kid, that always kind of flies under the radar, has some of the very best friend chicken you'll ever have...

This Local Chicken Restaurant Is Hands Down The Best In Colorado

Since 1963, The Wishbone Family Restaurant has been serving up some of the best food in the state of Colorado. Their specialty though, as you can tell by the name, is chicken. And boy, is it good!

Don't Wing It: Here's Your Northern Colorado Chicken Wing Guide

Whether it's Super Bowl Sunday, an average Sunday, or any day - there is never a bad time to indulge in some juicy, delectable, incredible chicken wings.

Aside from the fact that we have a wide variety of food options in Northern Colorado, there are several places to visit to get your wing fill.

If you're ever looking to curb your craving for a good chicken wing - or 20 - use this guide to find your nearest chicken wing haven.

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