The Colorado summer heat is finally here and when you need something to cool down, ice cream will usually do the trick. If you're in this particular Colorado town though, you may want to travel elsewhere to get your fix.

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Worst City In Colorado For Ice Cream Lovers

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! I'll be honest, as far as diets and cutting out sweets or certain foods go, ice cream is my biggest weakness. I love the sweets and ice cream is always at the very top of my sweet tooth list for dessert or just a snack. My wife is exactly the same so I know I'm not the only one who needs their ice cream fix. We have some great options for this sweet frozen treat around our state but there's one Colorado city that you should avoid if you're all about that ice cream life.

The Worst And Best Colorado Cities For Ice Cream Lovers

In a quest to find the best and worst cities in the country for ice cream lovers, our friends at LawnStarter ranked 200 of the biggest U.S. cities and put together a guide to the best and worst places to enjoy this tasty frozen treat. For their rankings, they looked at access to ice cream, froyo, and gelato, as well as consumer ratings, ice cream contest awards, and more. After all of their diggings, it turns out that Thornton, Colorado, is one of the worst cities for ice cream lovers in the entire country ranking at number 195 out of 200.


Part of the ranking was attributed to having a lower-than-average consumer rating for their ice cream and frozen yogurt vendors. What was Colorado's best-ranked city for ice cream lovers? Denver came in at number 21 on the Top 200. Fort Collins also made the list at number 127 so they could use some improvement too according to this LawnStarter survey. See the full map below.

Having grown up and lived in the Thornton area a lot of my life, I never had any issues finding places for ice cream and the places we went always seemed to have good service, etc. so it's for sure interesting to me that this list has them ranked as the one of the worst...

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