It's not surprising to me that a couple from Loveland, Colorado, would come up with a  fantastic idea to get closer to nature, like really close.

John and Joan Creed both have a deep love for the hummingbirds of Colorado and, therefore, came up with the HummViewer. This hummingbird feeder straps to your head so you can see the little buzzing birds up close and personal as they suck the nectar out of the long flowers of the mask. There is a shield to protect your eyes.

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The HummViewer has been available for purchase since 2017 but got a big boost when the couple pitched the idea to the entrepreneurs of Shark Tank. Shark Tank is one of the few shows that stops my channel surfing. I watched this pitch from the earthy couple who loves hummingbirds. My ears perked up when I heard them say they were from Loveland, Colorado.

According to the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, there are four different species of hummingbirds in Colorado and two peak periods for attracting hummingbirds, from mid-April to the end of May and from the Fourth of July to the end of September.

The HummViewer retails for $69.95 from the HummViewer website.

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