If you don't live in Colorado, you know one thing about Colorado.

Marijuana is legal.

Oh, and mountains. You also know about mountains. So, two things!

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If you've ever wondered about Montrose's elevation but didn't really feel like looking it up, worry not! We have you covered! Plus, below you can see exactly how the elevation of Montrose stacks up with other places in Colorado.

What is the Highest Elevation in Colorado?

Mount Elbert/Google

First thing first: to know where we stack up here in Montrose, we should probably know what kind of elevations we're up against, so we have a better base of comparison.

I'm sure this is common knowledge, but MOUNT ELBERT has the highest point of elevation in the state at roughly 14,440 feet.

That's Great and All, but I Don't Live on a Mountain Peak

No worries if you're not the type to live at the tip of a mountain. Very few are, and I'm fairly certain that's where Superman is keeping his Fortress of Solitude these days anyway. So, for those of us who live in buildings, what kind of height are we talking about?

Alma, CO/Google

Well, the highest elevation for a town in Colorado is ALMA, clocking in at 10,578ft! Meanwhile, for cities, you're looking at LEADVILLE - 10,152FT.

Leadville, CO/Google

There's the High. Where's the Low?

On the other side of the spectrum, the lowest point in the state belongs to the ARIKAREE RIVER. Well, technically it belongs to the eastern plains nearby, but all told, you're looking down at 3,317ft of elevation.

Holly, CO/Google

Again, since most people don't live IN rivers, we've also got the lowest town here for ya: that would be HOLLY at 3,392ft. As for the lowest elevated city, we're looking at you, WRAY with your 3,566ft of elevation and everything.

Wray, CO/Google

So, Where's Montrose in all this Math?

Montrose, CO/Google

Now that we know where the highs and lows of elevation are in the state, where does Montrose fall? Well, turns out that we are sitting comfortably in the middle of the pack, with an elevation of 5,807ft!

... and now, you are learned.

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