So you may live in Montrose, or maybe you are just here for a visit. One thing I've learned about living in a place you are not from is don't say you are a local. And don't say you are from California or even Texas. (I'm mainly kidding about the last part.)

Would you want us to come to your town and litter?

Something I observed and mentioned is that don't leave your trash behind. Make sure if you are at a local park, your trash makes it into the trash can.

What do locals dislike about tourists?

When you are rude, I've seen it in many resort towns, With Montrose being the go-between to so many great places like, Ouray, Telluride, The Colorado Monument, and beyond.

Don't drink too much at the local bar.

Getting into an altercation because of alcohol should be avoided. Please don't drink and drive, we have Uber. If you are visiting, the elevation can affect your alcohol consumption. Also, be nice to the waiting staff at local restaurants. They work hard to accommodate you.

Lastly, drive the posted speed limits. I see drivers on the main street going above 25 mph all the time. This is for locals too, please stop at stop signs. Let's all be courteous to tourists and each other. Out-of-town guests bring revenue to our Colorado communities.


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