Spring has sprung, and the weather is officially warmer more often than not. With the month of April almost halfway gone, it's time to start getting ready for everyone's favorite spring pastime: spring cleanup.

As we shed the final vestiges of winter, spring cleanup serves as a symbolic representation of the true start of the new year. Everything that has been collected since winter began in November is finally disposed of, as we usher in the season of growth. This year, the City of Montrose is partnering with Habitat for Humanity of the San Juans to get it done.

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Spring cleanup in Montrose will run from 7 am - 7 pm on April 28 and 29. With such a small window to get that garbage out of your yard, it helps to know what can and cannot be hauled off by the city beforehand. To help save you some stress, here's a quick rundown of spring cleanup in Montrose.

What CAN be taken?

According to the city of Montrose, acceptable items for spring removal include landscape materials; such as leaves, grass clippings, and limbs with a diameter of less than 6 inches. The city will also take scrap materials, as well as unwanted appliances, though there is a $20 fee for anything with Freon.

What CAN'T be taken?

Save your routine, household trash for your regular pickup, as that is decidedly not what this program is for. Hazardous materials will also be denied, as well as paint, tires, electronics that have glass screens, and TVs. Yes, TVs are electronics with glass screens, so you wouldn't think you'd need to specify; but if you've ever seen the things people try to get the city to take for them on a regular basis, it starts to make more sense.

Contact Kassi to schedule your pick-up: at (970) 650-2503. Of course, this was just a quick rundown to help you plan accordingly. If you have any items that you aren't sure about, or if you have any other questions about spring cleanup in Montrose, check out the city website.

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