Remember Lincoln Logs, the toy that every kid used to use to build houses for their other toys? Even Skeletor was able to get his own digs, and there's no way he'd pass a background check. Maybe it was just me, but playing with logs as a kid always made me daydream about what it would be like to live in a log cabin.

Well, it may not be very often that a retail listing offers up an opportunity to live a childhood dream, but that's exactly what's on offer at 6875 Road. For just under $1 million, you could be living in your very own log cabin, right here in Montrose! But don't let the log aesthetic fool you into thinking this is an old-timey home. Quite the contrary, as there are plenty of modern conveniences that complement the property's rustic charm nicely.

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Gigantic windows on the front of the home should provide ample, natural light. It's only two bedrooms, but living in a log cabin seems like a more intimate affair, anyway. I don't know about you, but the idea of an entire clan barreling out the front door just seems like it doesn't fit. On the plus side, there are two-and-a-half bathrooms, so just about everybody should still have a place to find some privacy.

This home is truly a sight to behold, and a dream come true for children across the Western Slope, maybe even across the country. Do your inner six-year-old a favor, and take the tour in the gallery below. Then, be sure to browse the listing at, just in case you want to make your childhood dreams a reality.

Live in Your Own Log Cabin in Montrose

The dream of every 6-year-old could be yours:

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Be the Duttons of Montrose:

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Just completed. Check it out!

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