Montrose loves their pets. It's great to live in a dog-friendly town. When you move to a new area you will want to find a great veterinarian.

Which veterinarian do you recommend Montrose?

Lisa D.- San Juan Veterinary Clinic

Tony B.- Black Canyon Veterinary Clinic, "Rachel is great with my dogs".

Mary N.- Alta Vista Animal Clinic

My dog Deuce likes Black Canyon Animal Clinic. Dr. Rachel is great with animals and really listens. My poor little dog has bad teeth, so I get nervous as he is getting older. He always seems to do better than I do with all the worrying about the procedure.

Another thing to consider is a dog groomer. I have tried a few. The Paw Spa and Pet Hotel is awesome off of Niagra. They also do boarding in the last year.  I have tried the Dog Doodler too. There is a wait to get into any of them, so book in advance.

Check out the list of Veterinarians and dog groomers for Montrose. Our pets deserve the best life we can give them. I wish they could be with us longer.

Who is your favorite Veterinarian in Montrose

Local Veterinarians and dog groomers in Montrose

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