The last time we got a lot of snow in town, I asked my husband if he missed snowplowing. My husband’s father had a snowplow business when my husband was younger. He said he didn’t miss getting up at three in the morning to plow but missed the extra pocket cash.

I think snowplowing would be a great way to make extra money if you could get past working from 3 a.m. until the job is done. Though I do think it takes a toll on the vehicle you use. My husband used to use an old beat-up pickup with a blade on the front. You couldn’t really use that truck for much else.

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It seems, especially since the pandemic started, that lots of people started having additional jobs on the side to make extra money.

I know some people who started crafting businesses. They do live videos of them making various arts and crafts items, like handmade cards and gift bags. I’m sure the supplies cost a bit, but those people are living life on their own terms – getting a little extra spending money doing something they love.

I’ve got other friends who have started selling items online. They empty the boxes of stored stuff they’ve had for years and are making a profit. My husband would be excited if I started doing this.

A friend of ours has two boys that are always wanting to spend money on things. The parents told them they could start their own business to make money. They successfully started a lawn mowing business, and made enough money to buy their own cars, and even employ a couple of their friends.

A very close friend of mine started dog-sitting about a year ago. The pet’s owners go out of town, and she stops by their home, checks on the dog, waters the plants, brings the mail and newspaper in, and goes on about her day. In just a few months she saved enough money to buy a new computer and a new video camera. Now she’s saving up for a vacation. Too bad when I’m taking care of our dog at home, I don’t get that kind of pay.

My dad used to tell us the best way to clean our car was to wash it by hand. I’m not sure a lot of people do this, themselves, anymore. I know I haven’t done it in a couple of years myself. Sorry, dad. I have friends who know people who do car detail work. I bet, if you do a really good job, you can make a little extra with this job too. You could probably make your own hours. For me, that would have to be on a Saturday between one and three in the afternoon.

My sister is an artist. Her jobs include designing flyers, articles, and pamphlets for various organizations she’s involved in and making jewelry, and selling those pieces at local shows. While both jobs take time to do, she’s making money doing things she likes and is great at.

I talked with my mom years ago, about raising chickens. I thought it would be great at the time to be able to have farm fresh eggs. I wish I had done that then, as eggs are such a hot commodity right now. I’ve still thought about the idea, but only because I like farm-fresh eggs better.

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