We talk a lot about the strange laws that Colorado still has on the books, so that's exactly what we're going to continue to do today. However, today's silliest law caught my attention because it's also one of the most ironic laws I have ever encountered. To be clear, I mean it's actually ironic, and not something that sounds ironic but isn't.

What could be stranger than a requirement for a cat to wear a tail light? Well, I'll tell you: it is, in fact, illegal to roll, throw, or move a boulder on public property...in Boulder, Colorado. As I said previously, the irony here is so thick you could use it for icing on a birthday cake.

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I like to think this one made the books specifically because of the city's name. It's almost as if the people who wrote it up were going out of their way to not get labeled as 'the boulder people', and the best thing they could think of was to outlaw moving them around. That would be like outlawing sex in Intercourse, Pennsylvania; it just doesn't make sense.

In other, unrelated news about strange laws: did you know that it's actually legal to "modify" the weather in Colorado? I certainly didn't, and to be quite honest, that's because I didn't know that you could. However, that's exactly what they're doing with the Colorado Weather Modification Program, so it's probably a good thing that they're actually allowed to do that.

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