It's almost time to put 2022 in the rear view mirror. As they say out with the old but in with the new. Inflation has hit us all this year. In the grocery store, to gas prices, you name it. Starting in January 2023 when you grocery shop get ready to bring your own plastic bags. Otherwise you will pay 10 cent a bag. That will be for each plastic or paper bag used when you check out. According to the Colorado State House Bill 21-1162 Plastic Pollution Reduction Act.

Use Plastic Bags

Now California started this in 2014, and 7 other states have banned single-use plastic bags. Including Hawaii, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Oregon, Maine, and Vermont.

flood in the bathroom, the water over the edge

Water and Sewer rates will see an anticipated inflation increase as well in January 2023. The City will implement a 5 percent increase for water and sewer services. So how do you take these rate increases? Not much we can do. I set a yearly budget, and try hard to stick to it. It sure seems every time you turn around something is increasing. Don't forget to pack your plastic bags, or some kind of bag when you head to the grocery store in the New Year!

Words And Phrases Grand Junction Is Tired of Hearing

Recently, I asked my friends and listeners to give me a word or phrase that drives them crazy. Scroll through the responses below to see which words and phrases are driving us bonkers. I wonder how many of these are a regular part of your daily vocabulary.


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