When you go on vacation, what is your main goal for the trip? Could it be to disconnect and relax? Or maybe it is to see some of the great world wonders? Everyone is different and their views are never the same when it comes to vacationing.  If I had to guess the main reason why we go on vacation, I would say it is to try new food. Both my wife and I are fanatics of trying local cuisines, and new flavors, and getting out of our comfort zone when it comes to culinary arts.


Years ago, we made a trip to Chicago for the very first time, and one of the items on the food bucket list while in the Windy City as a Chicago Dog. During the internet search for a place to get one before the trip, one restaurant kept coming up. Portillo's.

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According to KDVR, Portillo's announced that Denver, Colorado could be the next location for a location. As soon as I saw the news, I was elated. If you have never had a Chicago dog before, let me tell you, they are what dreams are made of.


Portillo's has more than 70 locations in 10 states and soon enough Colorado will be added to the list. Portillo's started as a food truck of sorts by Dick Portillo in 1963 with a $1,100 investment located in Villa Park, IL.

Chicago Dogs are not the only cuisine that Portillo's serves as they also specialize in Italian Beef Sandwiches, Char-broiled Burgers, and decadent desserts such as the Chocolate Cake Milkshake. We can't wait to have a Portillo's in the state of Colorado.

Savor the Best Beef Jerky Made In Colorado

If you're looking for a low-carb, vitamin-rich, high-protein food, be on the lookout for a high-quality beef jerky. It just so happens Colorado is home to a number of remarkable producers of beef jerky. Who makes the best?

The website Colorado Local Market released a list of the best beef jerky producers in the state. The site states, "With small businesses, independent companies, and family-run businesses, there is no place like Colorado to get your beef jerky from! There are many different flavors available, with plenty of companies working to do better than large-scale manufacturers and bring you tasty and healthy beef jerky without any of the nasty additives or chemicals." The site adds, "Colorado is the perfect place for it thanks to the vast amount of pastures available! Many of these businesses are raising their own cows and turkeys, ensuring the very best for them so that the jerky tastes even better! "

Here's a look at Colorado Local Market's picks for the best beef jerky in the Centennial State.

This Local Old School Burger Restaurant Is One Of The Best In Colorado

Since 1961, Jim's Burger Haven has been the standard for local smash burger restaurants around Colorado. Home of Colorado's "Original Smash Burger," it's a must-try next time you're in the area. Here's a look around one of Colorado's most famous burger joints.

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