Some things just go well together. Forrest Gump and Jenny were like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly is an American classic, and who can forget about bongs and thongs?

Well, unfortunately for bong and thong enthusiasts, a popular Colorado store that specialized in those rhyming items has closed its doors for good.

What Was Colorado's 'Please, Plants?'

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Until recently, a store called 'Please, Plants' served the community with an interesting combination of goods including adults-only merchandise, smoking accessories, jewelry, and as the name suggests, plants.

The store was located at 226 E. 13th Avenue in Denver and was the brainchild of Denver business owner Olivia Meininger.

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Meininger opened the shop back in January of 2021 for like-minded individuals who were fans of the same types of interests as her.

The concept was so successful that Meininger opened two additional shops, 'Recital,' located at 1362 27th Street also in Denver, and 'Recital, Still,' located next door.

However, despite attracting plenty of customers with its 'Bongs and Thongs' sign out front, 'Please, Plants' would, unfortunately, be forced to close its doors for good on September 30, 2022.

What Happened to Colorado's 'Please, Plants?'

While Meininger's 'Please, Plants' store was created with the best of intentions in mind, according to her, she and her staff struggled to keep it going as they'd hoped and the owner decided it was time to step down.

However, Meininger's original plan to pass the keys on to a new owner was shut down by the building's landlord due to the provocative nature of the products that were being sold there.

Luckily, Meininger's other two stores seem to be doing fine, but the 'Bongs and Thongs' sign has been taken down for good, and 'Please, Plants' is no more.


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