Have you ever wondered who the richest person is in your state? I have, usually on lazy Sunday afternoons when there's nothing on TV. Luckily, I'm not the only one who has had that thought. As a matter of fact, keeping track of that sort of thing is almost the literal mission statement of Forbes, which tracks and updates that exact data on an annual basis. Who knew?

With all the recent talk about super-wealthy people and their influence (or lack thereof), from Elon Musk to the Kardashians, it got me thinking, again, about who was the richest person in Colorado. Since Forbes tracks those things, Stacker put together a list of each state and its wealthiest person. They even have little mini-biographies, meaning you can learn a little bit about a person you're likely to never meet. It's like a museum, or the Pro Football Hall of Fame, that way.

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So, who is the richest person in Colorado? Well, that would be 83-year-old Mr. Philip Anschutz. Never heard of him? Neither have I, but I don't usually hang out with billionaires. At least, not in January - billionaires are more of a summertime crowd. Getting back to Mr. Anschutz, who resides in Denver; Colorado is the richest person. He has an estimated net worth of over $10 billion. That's quite a bit of change.

Mr. Anschutz has his money in quite a few things, from Los Angeles sports teams to The Chronicles of Narnia. If you were a med-student at Colorado University, you'll likely recognize him as the namesake of the medical campus there, CU Anschutz. Oh, and he owns Coachella, so even your alternative friends won't escape his influence.

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