If a zombie apocalypse ever happens, where would you go? How would you survive? Would you tough it out in an urban setting or head for the mountains? I am sure we have all asked this question in our heads a time or two. Especially after watching an episode or two of The Walking Dead.


Where you would go is always the hot topic of discussion to avoid being eaten by zombies. Lawn Love recently put out an updated list of cities that would be the best place to be to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

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These are the best cities in the state of Colorado to survive a zombie apocalypse in order of worst to best.


Thornton, Colorado

Thornton ranked 160th overall on the list. The best ranking category was the Hideout Rank at 80. All of the other categories were pretty bad for Thornton, Colorado.

  • Vulnerability Rank - 97
  • Hideouts Rank - 80
  • Supplies Rank - 189
  • Protection Rank - 138
  • Mobility Rank - 159

Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood isn't far ahead of Thornton on the ranking list coming in at 116. Lakewood, however, is nearly double the ranking for protection over Thornton.

  • Vulnerability Rank - 73
  • Hideouts Rank - 91
  • Supplies Rank - 180
  • Protection Rank - 79
  • Mobility Rank - 132

Aurora, Colorado

Aurora breaks Colorado into the top 100 with a ranking of 93 and is in the top 20 in the vulnerability category.

  • Vulnerability Rank - 17
  • Hideouts Rank - 87
  • Supplies Rank - 50
  • Protection Rank - 121
  • Mobility Rank - 154

Fort Collins, Colorado

The Choice City would be the choice for Northern Colorado with an urban setting. Fort Collins comes in at 41 and has a top 20 ranking in the mobility category.

  • Vulnerability Rank - 65
  • Hideouts Rank - 52
  • Supplies Rank - 147
  • Protection Rank - 45
  • Mobility Rank - 16

Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City is on the top 20 list, but just barely. Denver's Protection ranking gives this urban setting a great place to be during the zombie apocalypse.

  • Vulnerability Rank - 72
  • Hideouts Rank - 93
  • Supplies Rank - 26
  • Protection Rank - 12
  • Mobility Rank - 37

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is the best place to be and survive if a zombie apocalypse ever breaks out while in the state of Colorado. Colorado Springs ranks 13 with a protection category ranking of 8.

  • Vulnerability Rank - 10
  • Hideouts Rank - 41
  • Supplies Rank - 43
  • Protection Rank - 8
  • Mobility Rank - 58

Overall, the absolute best city to be in when it comes to surviving the zombie apocalypse is Houston, Texas as it ranked in the top five in the supplies, protection, and mobility categories. See the full list of the best cities to survive a zombie apocalypse on Lawn Love.

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