When I first moved to Western Colorado, people told me the wind blows more in the Spring. In fact, I was told the wind blows until the snow melts off of Horsefly. I didn’t really understand much of it then, but it makes more sense to me now.

It now also seems that there is always a little bit of snow on Horsefly. The winds seem to be stronger than they used to be. Perhaps I’m just getting older.

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I didn’t realize there is actually a scale used to describe wind strength. According to the National Weather Service, the Beaufort Scale measures wind. There were originally 13 different ratings of wind, but the scale has been updated to include additional ratings for hurricane force winds. A rating of zero has a wind speed of less than one mile per hour and is described as calm. It feels like our wind rating here recently would be an eight, which is described as gale, and has wind speeds of 39-46 miles per hour. Of course, I could be exaggerating a little.

Regardless of how windy I think it is, there are many cool things our Colorado wind can do. Here are some of them.


Thirteen Cool Things the Wind Can Do in Colorado

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