It's summertime and the days are longer. Maybe you have more time in the summer. There are some really cool Fort Collins organizations that would love some of that time.

It has been proven that volunteering or helping others, can shake most people out of depression. Psychology Today says that if you volunteer when you are depressed, "the life you save may be your own."

Volunteering can give you a real sense of purpose. Being involved in something outside of yourself.

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In Fort Collins and Northern Colorado in general there are a plethora of non-profit organizations which cannot function without volunteers. Whether it's nature, animals, elderly people, food or so many others. There will be an opportunity for you to help an organization that is helping this area be so awesome.

Recently a local Facebook group was discussing volunteer opportunities and I found myself reading about organizations I had never heard of. I figured I'd share some of them here.

United Way of Larimer County has an updated listing of volunteer opportunities on its website. However, I wanted to feature some of the individual organizations I read about.

  • Vindekat Foods is a "non-profit food rescue that partners with grocery stores, restaurants, and farms to reduce wasted food." They are looking for volunteers to run the store and unload the truck.
  • Until They're Home advocates for Colorado families and their four-legged friends.
  • A Little Help has small jobs and ways to help older adults in our community
  • Homeward Alliance(previously known as Homeless Gear) helps to empower those that facing homelessness
  • Street Dog Coalition helps housing-insecure people keep their pets and keep them healthy
  • FoCo Cafe always needs help to keep things running as they only have 5 paid employees and offer meals to anyone whether they can pay or not.

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