There are many great organizations in Montrose, Colorado. I've had the honor of speaking with many. Welcome Home Alliance for Veterans is a wonderful resource for Veterans and locals to visit and learn about. April is the Executive Director for the past 7 years. Just spending any amount of time with her, you can tell she loves being there.

My coworker Michael and I were delivering for our coffee promotion at work and Welcome Home Alliance won this week. We took a tour and just loved it. Welcome Home supports the military, veterans, and their families. If they have needs for housing, a job, VA bills, and food, they are ready to help. They also do coffee for veterans every Thursday morning from 8 to 10 a.m.

I learned so much by visiting with volunteer Amy. She let me know about a plane that was donated. It was made by an uncle for a girl being born that had lost her father when her mom was pregnant with her. There is so much to see when you take a tour. Don't miss the USS Montrose Ship. They have had so many donations over the years of Veteran memorabilia. They also do a benefit concert each summer called Freedom Sings Colorado, music therapy for veterans and locals.

If you ever thought about volunteering, this would be a great place. Donations are always appreciated as well. Thank you to April for the tour, and to all the volunteers too. They are located at 4 Hillcrest Plaza Way in Montrose. Their website is WHAFV.ORG.

Welcome Home Alliance For Veterans in Montrose

Warrior Resource Center Montrose

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