Lent season starts next week on Ash Wednesday, February 22. It lasts for 6 weeks. Yes, I am Catholic and do my best to give something up each year.

Catholics Perform The Stations Of The Cross On Good Friday
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Do certain religions follow lent?

Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox.

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What do most people give up?

It's really about reflection and preparing for Easter. It is different for each person. I usually give up sugar. Others may give up television, caffeine, or a favorite food.


What is the purpose of lent?

It's about giving something up for those 40 days. I take the time to improve something in my life as well. Maybe a bad habit of complaining, not indulging in so much eating. It's not an easy 40 days, and it's not supposed to be. I've given up sweets, and tortillas ( I can eat nachos every day), and sodas are tough too. It can also be a great time to start something new.

I've had a few friends who are not Catholic do this with me. Most say giving up sweets is the toughest. I feel like crap for a week. But then I rid myself of it, and you trim down a bit too in those 40 days. It's also a time of discipline for me. I add giving up sugar to September each year as well.

Whether you participate in lent or not, there is always a good time to clear out the negativity and feel better. I'm going to miss those sweets!

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