When it comes to radio, stations have many ways to track listener interaction. In today's world, it's mostly thru digital. But they still follow an old standard called, "TSL", or Time Spent listening. It gives radio an idea of when their listeners are engaging and for how long. Before Apps and streaming, driving to and from work was the biggest Time Spent Listening moments for the radio. According to Edison Research, 67% of all listeners were engaging thru car radios back in 2019.

I never had to drive. I always made it point to live close enough so I can walk to work. 1. It saves me tons of money on gas and 2. When it snows hard, I didn't have to spend time clearing my truck full of snow. I would just walk. So when co-workers complained about driving in a snowstorm and told me how long it took just to, "Come into work." I'd tell them it took me six minutes, instead of four when it came to walking in the snow. They would always walk away in disgust. But enough about my world.

Today, people still follow their favorite music stations while at work or home. But when it comes to following along in the car, the TSL drops. Why? It comes down to your commute to work. We asked radio station followers how long does it take to go, to and from work each day?

Here are some of your responses from our small community of Montrose.

Tanya N. - About 7 or 8 minutes.

Kenneth K - About 4 to 6 minutes.

Misty W - a simple 1-2 minutes

Melissa H - 30 minutes

Dorothy M - 3 minutes

Cindy B. - 30 minutes

Tammy B - 4 minutes depending on lights

Lewis C - 25 min.

Tess Gore - 1 hour!

Angel R - 3 to 5 minutes

Concetta D - 8 minutes

Bobbie K - 6-7 minutes

Debby R. - 15-20 minutes

Gamm B - A Whopping 900 feet!

Kendra J - 40 minutes on a good day

After the Math, It takes Montrose drivers an average of 9 minutes to work.

Not a lot of time to make an impression thru the car radio.

So follow the App or visit your favorite station online.

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