Flowers brighten spaces, well that's why I like to have a bouquet on the dining room table most of the year.

How often would you like to receive flowers?

Not just a birthday, anniversary, or get-well. How about a just because is so special? It means someone thought of you in a very special way.

What is your favorite florist in Montrose?

Michelle H.- Alpine Floral Hands Down

Todd B.- Alpine Floral, they made my wife so happy with her Birthday Flowers.

Do you have a favorite Florist in Delta?

Kimberly V.- Ruby's Floral

Of all the weddings I've attended, the flowers throughout the venue, make everything so beautiful. Dahlia Floral Design in Montrose is great for wedding flowers. Remember the days of the high school dances where we wore a corsage, and your date wore a rose?

My husband use to send flowers, huge balloon bouquets at Easter, you name it. I teased him that he hadn't sent one in years, then the next week I got a beautiful arrangement from Alpine Floral. They even sent chocolate truffles. They were so good. So don't just wait for that special occasion. Send those flowers, or even a beautiful plant to brighten a coworker's desk.

Flowers bring joy to our days.

Whose you favorite florist in Montrose or Delta

Favorite florists


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