I'm not gonna lie, 2022 was a "Bear of a Year" I spent most of it overcoming a world full of negative. Not just the inflation or the total chaos around the elections. But turning on the news every day and hearing about someone shooting somebody else.
School shootings, grocery store killings, and racist humans going out of their way to physically insult someone's race, creed, or color.
Many of us have a pretty good sense of the people who are the best at fanning the flames of hate. It has gotten so bad that I can't even have a rational conversation with my father, who is not the most sympathetic human when it comes to other cultures. So how do you get through all the Malarkey? First off, may I suggest turning off all the outside chatter and just working on ways to make yourself better? We all understand that the change we want to see in others needs to start from our own inside thought. So here is my checklist of ideas to make 2023 a more positive year in Colorado.
#1 Take Car Of Yourself
Senior Woman at doctors office.

Senior Woman at doctors office.

Young female doctor doing blood pressure measurement to an senior woman patient. Doctor looking at camera and smiling.
Make Sure to Check in with Your Doctor A Minimum of Twice a Year for a Check-Up
#2 Exercise
people running marathon

-people running marathon

Marathon running race people competing in fitness and healthy active lifestyle feet on road
A simple 15-30 minute walk a day will do wonders on your Psyche. Even if you're not in the best shape, walk as far as you can without over doing it. Keep going, and up the minutes slightly each week to reach your goal. Find a group of coworkers or friends to walk with during lunch.
#3 Learn to Be Better at Supporting Others
Peace sign made by african descent woman

Peace sign made by african descent woman

Peace sign made by african descent woman.

When you are dealing with your own dirt, it is not easy to take on someone else's problems. But just being there for them sometimes is the best thing you can do for others. Just remember that everyone is going thru something, try not to be selfish by blowing them off.

#4 Be A good listener. What?


Priest in a confessional, surprised the sins of a parishioner
You don't need to be a Priest or Pastor to acquire great listening skills. I know a few individuals that spend time conjuring up a response to your story before you are even half way thru it. This is my biggest pet peeve.
Best thing to do if someone isn't listening to you, or they get interrupted by someone else and they drop out of your conversation. Walk away. Especially if they don't come back to your story.
#5 Sing Out loud without a care in the world
Bluegrass Banjo Player Man

Bluegrass Banjo Player Man

a man playing and singing with a banjo isolated on white.
Best stress relief I know of...Even if you sing poorly, who cares, it's not about them.
ps. If someone criticizes you for that, you may want to thing about stepping away from their negativity. try #6.
#6 At least once a day, go out of your way to say something nice to a stranger
Handwriting Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

Handwriting Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

Man Hand writing Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today with black marker on visual screen. Isolated on nature. Business, technology, internet concept.

...and I don't mean, "HI". make a positive comment about their smile or their shoes. This is something I have instilled into my three girls. They do it every single day.
#7 Take the time to rotate calls to a different friend each week
Scared home owner calling police after robbery in the night

Crying alone at home

home owner calling police after robbery in the night
It only take one call a week to check in on your friends. It's a tough world for many who live on their own. If you are a true friend, you'll check in often
#8 Dance
Dancing with Daddy

Dancing with Daddy

Little girl and her father twirl away on the dancefloor
like nobody is watching... this one is simple
#9 Make a list of Gratitude
Report Card

Report Card

Close-up of a Report Card on a desktop with a mechanical pencil and text book.
Positive thinking and optimism can be effective stress management tools. Make a list of things that you enjoy doing, and then get out there and do it. Life itself can provide you with some health benefits
#10 Take Time to Hug a Friend or Family Member
Rear view of friends hugging.
Rinky Dink Images

Rear view of friends hugging.

Group Hug

The Pandemic and being an empty nester has been a struggle for me. Why? Because I am a hugger. When my daughters were living at home, I received a minimum of 5 hugs a day. 10 if I was out seeing friends and family. Since May of 2020, I've received a total of seven. Everyone needs a hug. Don't be stingy.



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