There are many great places to get your hair cut in Montrose. I was surprised at how many barbershops and hair salons there are. I've talked about favorite Salons but what about favorite barbershops?

Here is what Montrose had to say:

  • Tri B.-  Unity Hair Salon
  • Alex P.- Classics Barbershop
  • Shayne C.- Classics Barbershop, they are the best!
  • Lance S. Hunter's Barbershop, "Brooke is so patient"
  • Tonya- Jack the Clipper by Kelly

The nice thing about most of the Barbershops in town, they cut women's hair also. I've had several barbers do great with my longhair. Classics specializes in fades and awesome trendy cuts.

I admit I'm quite picky about my hair looking good. A new haircut can make all the difference in your outlook or attitude. Give one of these fine places a try, and let me know which one you prefer.

Best Barbershop in Montrose Colorado

Which Barbershop do you like in Montrose Colorado

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