Well, Valentine's day is here in a few days. And it can be a tough time for anyone going through a breakup. Whether it be a separation, a divorce, or "I just don't love you anymore"

Valentine's day is tough for singles. If you're nearing 30 you know what I'm talking about. I'm past that tender age. But I miss the days of being in grade school or junior high school and receiving a valentine's card from a guy I had a crush on. Mine was Keith A. We roller skated together at the roller rink, remember those? I was in 8th grade. He never really gave me the time of day. Funny how all these years later you remember your first crush.

After attending a high school reunion years ago it brought back many crushes I remembered, and it got me reminiscing. How do you get over your first crush or first love? Not many things are worse than a broken heart. Yeah I know time heals all things, hearts are different. I'm so darn soft-hearted and believe in that fairy tale ending. Too many darn love songs, and romantic movies.

I hope you always remember your first crush, or heck 2nd, or 3rd, but smile because they made your heart light up and feel all those warm and fuzzy feelings. I've heard stories of crushes reunited years later. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you hopeless romantics!


What makes you heart melt Colorado

Do you remember your first crush?



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