It was announced this week that another major retail chain in Colorado is closing down four more local locations, including one close to the Northern Colorado area.

Another Colorado Retail Store Closing Four More Locations For Good

Big things happening around Colorado as we say goodbye to yet another longtime mainstay in four of our local communities. The closures just keep on coming so far in 2023 which made us wonder earlier this year if this is going to be the trend for the rest of the year. Feels like that might be the case as we're now losing 4 more major retail shops around Colorado, including one location just south of Northern Colorado.

Bed, Bath & Beyond Closing 4 More Local Colorado Locations

Less than two weeks ago, we told you that Bed, Bath & Beyond's lack of new customers and slower business resulted in the closing of 87 locations around the country. Sadly that meant that our local Loveland location would be closing its doors. Now, this week they've upped the closing store's list to 149 and now that means that four more Colorado locations have been added to the closures list. Which ones?

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Bed, Bath & Beyond Closing Northglenn, Colorado Location

The additional 4 Colorado locations include Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, Dillon, and Northglenn. The Northglenn closure, which is closest to Northern Colorado, is quite a surprise based on the fact that they just moved that location to a brand new building in the Northglenn Market Place less than a year ago. I guess they couldn't foresee all of the closures that would take place in 2023 as they went through the moving process, but what a waste of time and money for a company that apparently is bleeding money.

There are still many other Bed, Bath & Beyond locations to go to around the area but how long until those close as well? Once that closure train starts rolling, it's hard to stop it before the entire company goes upside down. For the sake of all of their loyal employees, I hope they find a way to keep the remaining stores afloat. Speaking of Colorado closures... Remember these places?

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