Since May 2022, Fort Collins residents have been paying for bags at grocery stores — now, the rest of Colorado is following suit.

Why? You can thank House Bill 21-1162, which Gov. Jared Polis signed into law in 2021. The bill went into effect at the beginning of this year and prevents Colorado stores from providing free, single-use plastic bags.

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Customers who still want plastic bags must purchase them for at least 10 cents each. Other establishments, like Fort Collins grocery stores, only have paper bags for sale — and some, like Colorado Walmarts, have done away with bags altogether.

This has led many to refer to House Bill 21-1162 as the "plastic bag ban," even though some are still available for a fee. However, the terminology will be accurate in 2024, when the bill prohibits stores from selling plastic bags entirely.

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Understandably, this change has Colorado residents worked up. Many are praising the ban's potential environmental benefits, others are questioning those said benefits, and some are lamenting the ban's inconvenience.

We were curious to hear Northern Colorado residents' thoughts, so we took to social media to ask you — how do you feel about Colorado's plastic bag ban?

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Whether your feedback was positive, negative, or somewhere in between, you all had a lot to say. Read on to see your reaction to Colorado's plastic bag ban in the gallery below.

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