When I originally conceived this idea, I was just going to take a look at some of the products that you could buy, right here in Montrose, if you're buying Valentine's Day gifts for a nerd you happen to be dating. You know, if you're the sort who gives bigger gifts than dinner and flowers on Valentine's Day, that is.

However, upon further thought, I've decided that recommending gifts for a nerd is a fool's game. Mostly because what any nerd is actually a nerd about can be so niche as to render a list like that irrelevant, but also because Xbox can do their own advertising. Instead, here are some practical gift ideas, if you happen to be dating a nerd on Valentine's Day.

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Brutal bearded man with vintage bicycle

Get Them a Bike

I'm not saying being a nerd is bad for your health, but we aren't exactly known for our love of exercise. So do your particular honey a favor, and send them a not-so-subtle hint that they should probably get out of the house for a while.

couple on valentine's day
George Doyle

Get Them an Ironic Card

Who doesn't love a card? The only thing that can make a card better is if it's also a sarcastic commentary about the recipient's lifestyle. You know, like when you get your dad a "One foot in the grave" card for his 40th birthday. Why not point out your love's lack of social skills, or general inability to handle public spaces? Trust me, nerdy types love that stuff.

Jose Luis Pelaez Inc
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

Get Them Cash

When all else fails, you can always just punt the gift-giving decision to the gift-givee, and give them cash. It's a win-win: you don't have to worry about being seen in a Hot Topic when you're over the age of 13, and they don't have to answer a lot of questions when they inevitably spend the money on an anime body pillow.

Couple On Unsuccessful Blind Date In Restaurant

Get Them a Date

Let's be honest: if you're buying gifts for a nerd on Valentine's Day, you're probably their mom anyway.

Got any more 'practical' gift ideas for nerds? Send us your favorites on AppChat!

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