Special occasions often go great with an amazing meal from your favorite restaurant. In Grand Junction, we like to celebrate. That means we are long on options for nice sit-down restaurants that help spice things up

We asked you which fancy restaurant you would take your honey to for a birthday dinner. Got a big night coming up? Check out the list of answers below for helpful ideas and fun shoutouts to places with great food and service.

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Fancy Grand Junction Restaurants for Special Occasions

To some, a fancy restaurant might be one that simply has clean tables that are ready when you are seated. Fancy usually means you won't wear shorts or tennis shoes. Google defines a fancy restaurant as one with high-quality food and higher prices.
Most fancy restaurants keep lower lighting so ditch the shades when you go in so you don't run into the bar.

Restaurants that are Gone but Not Forgotten

I always smile when we are talking restaurants and I see a WW Peppers shoutout. We still see some missing Johnny Carino's, and I see Prime Cut still comes up as well.

Does Grand Junction Need More Restaurant Options?

We also heard from a few people that said Grand Junction is getting low on family restaurants. Do you think this is the case? It's hard to really say as nobody has been able to keep normal hours or a full staff for very long over the last couple of years. If you could bring a new restaurant to town, fancy or otherwise, what would you pick?

Grand Junction's Favorite Fancy Restaurants for a Date with Honey

Your boo has a birthday coming up, but where are you going to take them to celebrate? We asked you about your favorite fancy restaurants in Grand Junction for special occasions. Which one would you recommend to others?

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