Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year no matter where you live, but there is something extra special when celebrating Christmas in Colorado.

I have a family tradition that has gone back quite a few seasons. Every year our family would do their best to gather at my Mom's farmhouse outside Boulder. It's usually a week-long event that consists of each member cooking up one of their favorite recipes during our weeklong vacation. It not only takes the stress off mom, but it's fun to spend time cooking with the nieces and nephews.

Most of our days are spend catching up on the past year, playing silly games like Cards Against Humanity, a few games of rummy with Grammy, or just busting out the art supplies.

Cards at sunset
Nicholas Steffey

Cards at sunset

Peeking at cards during a game of Euchre

I dated a woman back in the day that spend every Christmas coming up with new Christmas tree Ornaments. So when we split up, I took on that tradition for my family. This year's project, sleds made out of popsicle sticks.

Mom would be baking her homemade pies and whipping up her double-secret-special cocoa mix. Her secret ingredient, Whiskey. Shhhhhh

Homemade Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Homemade Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Homemade Peppermint Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream

The icing on the cake is when it snows all week long. That's when we wrap ourselves up and head outside for so serious action. From sledding to building a snowman, all we hear is kids giggling, parents laughing and a few screaming from the snowballs that are being hurled toward their noggins.

play snowballs

play snowballs

Senior woman and girl play snowballs


Olga Lisitskaya


Snowman and snowwoman

Whether it's simply hanging Christmas lights and heading to a tree farm to find your perfect Christmas tree, or shopping historic Main Street right here in Montrose. Here are a few activities that you can cross off your Colorado Christmas bucket list.

Christmas Movie Night

Paul Fleet

Movie night

Movie Download

Cuddle up to watch a favorite Christmas film. Add to the fun by setting out a display of festive snacks, and print out some Christmas movie bingo cards to make your binge-watching more interactive.

Put Up Family Photos

Vets Hold Annual Christmas Tree Ceremony At Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Decorate your home with classic photos that'll have everyone reminiscing.

Celebrate Around A Campfire

Backyard fire pit

Backyard fire pit

A charming back yard fire pit, surrounded by brightly colored orange chairs and benches. Around the flaming fire pit is a bright colored pillow, flower pots, and a pile of split wood, waiting to be burned. In the background is a weathered fence. Colors of green, brown, orange, red.

Hot Chocolate and Smores...Need a say More

Getty Images
Getty Images


hanging around the campfire

Ice Skating or Sleigh Ride

Grab your warmest coat and snow boots for an afternoon spent outdoors ice skating, or take your family on a classic horse-drawn sleigh ride.

Wojciech Gajda


Family sledding
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