Warmer weather around Colorado means spring cleaning, which typically leads to many different garage sales around town. Here are some things to avoid while looking for those rare finds and steals at local Colorado garage sales.

Things To Avoid at Colorado Garage Sales


We've all either had a garage sale or have stopped by one to see if you can find any hidden gems. I've certainly shopped them over the years, but I've not (that I remember anyway) ever thrown one. Something about sitting in the hot sun outside of my house while people look through and judge my "junk" doesn't sound fun to me.

There are some that do this every chance they get, and some of them come up with some solid finds every once in a while. If you're out "digging for gold" at your local garage sales, here are some things to always avoid.

12 Things To Never Buy At Colorado Garage Sales

Garage sales can be fun, but if you're out and about in Colorado hitting the local treasure hunts, here are 12 things to avoid buying secondhand.

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