We love sharing tips and tricks that help make life a little easier in Grand Junction, Colorado. Today's trick takes us into the kitchen to look at some paper towel magic anyone can use to their benefit to make food last longer.

If you love growing fresh veggies in your garden in Colorado, this tip will help them stay fresher longer, if you follow the instructions to the letter.

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Refrigerator and Freezer Life Hacks

It's not always the first appliance that comes to mind, but your freezer and refrigerator can help you in several ways besides keeping your food cold. Keeping a quarter in your freezer is a great way to be sure food has not defrosted and is safe to eat. You can learn more about that hack here. Keep going to learn another helpful tip, this time we'll move on to the refrigerator.

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The Benefits of Paper Towels In The Refrigerator

Reader's Digest recently shared a helpful reminder about storing paper towels in the refrigerator, and why it's so helpful. Nothing is as disappointing as pulling fresh veggies from your garden, only to have them go bad by the time you are ready to use them. This trick helps keep your produce last longer in the refrigerator. Here's how it works...

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Paper Towel Magic

The secret is taking fresh paper towels and lining the inside of your produce drawers with paper towels before you put your fruits and veggies in. The next time you return from the Farmer's Market or your garden with more, replace the paper towels each time. The paper towels absorb moisture, which keeps your produce dry and helps it last longer. The secret is you must remember to change out the paper towels as you add new veggies. Nom Nom Nom.

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