Kelsey Lamb is sending hope to the heartbroken and giving insight into her own love story in her new song, "Heartbreak Away." The song is set for official release on Friday (July 29), but Taste of Country readers can hear it early in this exclusive premiere.

The uplifting tune begins with a soft acoustic intro as Lamb tells the story of a journey to love that has, thus far, only ended in disappointment. Throughout the first verse, she empathizes with people who have found themselves in the depths of heartbreak, but she offers encouragement in the chorus, assuring listeners that true love could be closer than they think.

"Sometimes forever's a heartbreak away / Think love just won't happen, but there'll come a day / When your perfect fit walks through the door / And the way you feel now, you won't feel no more / Spark starts a flame / Won't ever be the same / 'Cause sometimes forever, forever's a heartbreak away," she sings.

Lamb continues to share her positive guidance throughout the rest of the song, promising listeners that "all of that let down will be worth the pain." The Arkansas-born singer co-wrote the tune with Lydia Dall and Conner Sweet, and she feels equipped to tell the song's heartbreak-turned-to-love story because she lived it herself. Lamb says the song mirrors her own journey of meeting her husband, Taylor Goyette.

"Not only am I excited to finally share a song that's about finding love — even in the midst of heartbreak — but also to be able to tell my own love story within this song," Lamb shares with Taste of Country.

"I got married last October, and it feels so full circle to have previously released songs about the heartbreak that got me to where I am today, and in the midst of all of that heartbreak, to find my person," she adds. "It's just really cool — especially as I'm coming up on my first anniversary with my husband!"

The song's sound, crafted by producer Matt McVaney, echoes the message of the lyrics with soft guitars and ambient piano that builds throughout the track.

Lamb and Goyette married on Oct. 2, 2021. Although "Heartbreak Away" relates to her story, she hopes the song gives others the inspiration to keep looking for love.

"As I always say, I just want my music to be honest and to represent what I have or am currently going through in my life, so listeners can connect with it and feel less alone when they hear it," she says. "My hope for this song is that it gives someone out there the hope to not give up on love, because it could be just around the corner."

"Heartbreak Away" follows Lamb's latest song, "Miss Me Don't," released in June of 2022. The singer appeared on NBC's American Song Contest this past spring, representing her home state of Arkansas.

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