Colorado is great and all, but it never hurts to keep your options open. You never know when something stupid is going to happen that'll be so dumb that it will make you want to move elsewhere. That's one of those cool bonuses we get for being in the United States of America.

Now, even though you might be thinking about leaving Colorado, that doesn't necessarily mean that you don't like anything about living here. As a matter of fact, you might even love parts of the Centennial State. It's pretty great out here if you haven't noticed. If that's the case, however, you might be of two minds about leaving, and that's not going to help anybody.

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Luckily for you, yet another perk we get for having so many states in one country is a lot of general similarities between many of our fellow states. Colorado is unique, don't get me wrong, but we also have plenty in common with other places. Utah, for instance, is also in the desert. As you can see, we're practically twins.

So, if you're looking for a state to move to that's as much like Colorado as it can be without actually being Colorado, that's exactly what we've got for you today. You should find out more about the following 10 states if you're planning to move out of Colorado, as they are the most likely to share enough in common with the Centennial State to make you question whether or not you ever actually left.

If you think we missed any, make sure you let us know with AppChat. Now, get off my lawn!

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