Let's face it, it doesn't take long for someone living in Colorado to realize just how great it is. Coloradans love our great state, and transplants quickly fall in love with it for the same reason.

There are many reasons that we love living in Colorado, too many to count, but here are 25 of the biggest.

Reasons We Love Living in Colorado: The Weather

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One thing about Colorado that we love, for numerous reasons, is the weather. Colorado has pretty mild summers compared to, say, Arizona, which makes for wonderful outdoor experiences.

We get to experience all four seasons in Colorado, there's very little humidity, and we get more days of sunshine than in many other states.

Reasons We Love Living in Colorado: The Activities

Colorado as a whole is an outdoor playground. The state is home to world-class skiing, rafting, fishing, hiking, and camping.

In addition, we have fun at concerts and one of the greatest venues in the world with Red Rocks, we enjoy attending major sporting events, and if we want, we can even visit the infamous Stanley Hotel for a scare.

Other Reasons We Love Living in Colorado

Colorado is also a great place to go to college, and it helps if we don't have to pay steep out-of-state tuition. The state is quite friendly to lovers of beer, marijuana, and now even psychedelics.

Plus, we all know that South Park is based in Colorado, and the restaurant that it made famous, Casa Bonita, will soon be reopened for us to visit without traveling too far.

Scroll through all 25 of the biggest reasons we love living in Colorado:

25 Reasons People Love Living in Colorado

We love living in Colorado for all kinds of reasons. Here are 25 of the biggest.

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