The Holidays are upon us and by now you probably have picked out your Christmas Tree at the local tree lot, which there are fewer and fewer these days with trees being harder to come by, and less people doing tree lots. So my question is do you prefer a real or fake tree? There are benefits to both.

Live/Real Trees- They make the House smell so good. I love decorating them top to bottom as well. I've had many real trees over the years, one of my favorites are the flocked trees, they look like they have been dipped in fake snow.

attachment-thumbnail (1).jpg my live Christmas tree 2018

Fake Trees- They are a lot less messy, and fairly easy to decorate. You also don't have to clean up all the pine needles, when you take it down. My tree for the last 3 years as I call it, is (The Keto Tree), as it's a slight tree. This year I put Cherry lights on it to make it sparkle a lot more.

attachment-thumbnail (1).jpg my keto Xmas tree 2020

Whatever tree you like, they both have great benefits. I like the fact with my fake tree you don't have to clean up the car for months from all the those pine needles that come with a real tree. The fake tree though, does not seem as festive, but does the job I guess. My Husband and I differ on the subject. I'd much rather have a real tree by December 1st every year.

Some of Western Colorado's Best Christmas Trees 2021

Do you have your Christmas tree up? If so, share it with the world on the Western Colorado Facebook page "Post Your Christmas Tree Here." Okay, so some of these trees come from outside of Western Colorado. Still, they shared with this local page.



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