Every city has there own rules on the road (well speed limits in town). It's no different in Montrose. Though we have a lot of out-of-town drivers, as it's a go-through town to Telluride and Grand Junction, and beyond.

It doesn't matter where you live. someone always drives too fast, or too slow. Don't get me started on using your blinker. The car is equipped with one for a reason.

What is your pet peeve about drivers in Montrose?

They tailgate, and many don't stop at stop signs. Where I'm from it's called a California Roll, heck I've seen people go right thru the sign without even trying to stop.

Is the speed limit correct around town?

30-40 seems just right on Townsend Ave. Now 25 mph on Main Street seems a little slow, I was told several years ago it was 35 mph. Some have forgotten it's been changed.

What about driving in the winter months?

It can be a challenge. It's best to slow down, especially when we get several inches of snow.

When heading to Ridgway Colorado be careful of wildlife. The deer seem to be out at dusk. For the most part, it's not too bad driving around Montrose. But be careful in the roundabouts, I covered that a few months back. Being courteous on the road goes a long way.

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