As of this writing, we're only on the cusp of the start of spring, but the good folks over at Farmer's Almanac are already looking ahead toward the summer. They just put out their summer forecast, and it looks like we might have some tough days ahead, here in Colorado.

In what they are describing as the return of sizzles, it looks like Colorado can expect a hot one this year. As a matter of fact, our state is located in a part of the country described as "broiling wet" on their map, so we may be seeing a lot more rain, as well. Not that we don't need the precipitation, but I'm not really looking forward to being cooked like a lobster.

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Of course, this is just a forecast, and if Farmer's Almanac has a similar rate of success as the weather app on my phone when it comes to predicting the weather, it's a forecast that could change several times before we even see the first day of spring, let alone summer. Some might say they're better at this, but that's also in dispute.

They are also right on many occasions, so this could still end up being a year for shorts, come June 20th. That's the first day of summer, in case you were keeping score. Granted, for it to be hot in Colorado in the summer is not unexpected. But will we also see all the rain that they're calling for? Well, that one's still up in the air.

Source: FOX21 in Colorado Springs.

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