Valentine's Day is now upon us, as is the avalanche of romance and candy that it brings with it. As you make your plans for the celebration, you may want to take note of a new list that has been named the most romantic restaurant in Colorado. You know, just in case you need any last-minute ideas, and your sweetheart is keen on a road trip.

Every year, puts together a list of the most romantic restaurants in the nation, breaking them down by state. It isn't exactly clear by which particular metrics they've based this decision, but I can only assume it's based on Yelp review stars or something.

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As you probably expected, Colorado's contribution to this list is located in Denver, because of course it is. Everything else is, too. According to Yelp's list, Colorado can claim the Odyssey Italian Restaurant as its most romantic. You can click the link to find out more about them if you'd like, but let's take a quick look at the menu, just to see what's on offer for the most romantic amongst us...

As you might expect, lots of pasta is on offer at Odyssey. Some of the most notable dishes include the Lobster Ravioli, as well as the Penne Rustica. I'm not sure exactly how romantic such dishes are, but they sure do sound delicious! Maybe the wife and I should make plans for a day trip, next year? I hear that's popular, and I'm willing to make the drive for some good ravioli.

Check out the complete list here, and thanks to OutThereColorado for the inspiration.

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