Do you find that you are always out of light bulbs when you need them? I always seem to have a light bulb go out as soon as I have used the last one in some other room. It's time to restock, Grand Junction.

Did you know that changes have come to Colorado, and several states, that may change the way you shop for household lighting and bulbs?

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Big Changes for Thomas Edison's Light Bulb

States such as Colorado and others have made 2023 the year we say goodbye to the original incandescent light bulb invented in the 1800s. Not only is the original invention being phased out, but continued sales are being banned by states who are moving forward with more efficient energy.

Colorado's New Favorite Light Bulb

Energy efficiency is being pushed from the top down, the LED light bulb is now the chosen favorite for household lighting. The Department of Energy says LED bulbs provide 75% more light and last 25% longer than incandescent bulbs.

By August 1st, incandescent bulbs will no longer be for sale in most stores and banned in Colorado.

Can I Still Use Incandescent Bulbs After August 1st?

The ban only refers to the manufacturing and sale of new incandescent bulbs. If you have a couple of boxes in the closet, feel free to burn through them. You just won't be able to buy any more from the store as of August 1st. Most stores stopped offering them earlier in the year in advance of the ban.

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