Santa Claus may not be coming to some towns this holiday season. If a new story in the Denver Post is to be believed, there might not even be enough Santas to go around in Colorado! Of course, you probably already knew that if you've tried to book a Santa for a Christmas party this year.

According to head elf Mitch Allen (yes, that's actually the title they gave him), the company HireSanta has seen a 30% increase in for-hire Santa requests this year, compared to 2021. If you stretch that out before the pandemic, it's actually a staggering 125% increase. Did Santa drop a hot new album or something else I might have missed? That dude is on fire, right now.

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You'd hope the North Pole would be able to handle such a Santa surge, but being the guy in the red pajamas is tough work. Naturally, a sharp increase like that has led to more people who want a Santa than there are Santas to be had. Per head elf Allen, for every new Santa, we're seeing about 20 requests for a Santa. That's a level of demand that everyone but Apple could only dream of.

While it's a nationwide problem, this increase in demand for St. Nicks can be felt right here in our backyard. Santa Visits USA's Susen Mesco has booked more than 1,000 events in Colorado this year, and she says she's done it from a group of no more than 40 Santas. If that's not a 'Christmas miracle,' then I don't know what is.

So what's the answer here? How do we overcome our dearth of Kringles? Well, I'm not sure I have that answer. As I said, Santa's a tough job. You have to be a special kind of person to sign up for holiday cheer at a time when a lot of us run into challenges that get amplified by the sentimental nature of the season. Being responsible for that much happiness is a lot to ask of someone, so while I don't have the solution to the scarcity of Santas, I do salute the Santas. You hold a tough role, yet you always get to work on time. That's a rare quality, indeed.

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