If you've spent a significant amount of time here, you know that I like to highlight cool houses that are for sale from time to time. It's one of my favorite hobbies. That being said, I'm almost entirely certain that the majority of houses that we've featured don't come equipped with any bonus wildlife. I haven't checked, to be fair, but I feel like it's a safe assumption to make.

It never hurts to double-check, though. As a matter of fact, if the folks who sold a house to a woman out in Centennial had bothered to, they would have saved her and her children a lot of sleepless nights. Alas, that was not the case.

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You wouldn't think that a house purchased so close to a major metro-area like Denver would be infested with snakes, of all things, but that's exactly what a woman named Amber Hall found when she moved her family into their new, four-bedroom home. Almost a dozen of the slithering fiends were discovered throughout the house, and according to the folks that caught them, the snakes had been there for a while.

According to Hall, she spent more than $1,000 on getting this problem solved, and the experience has reportedly left her and her kids shaken. Understandable, considering snakes are on everyone's top five list of animals that they'd least like to be surprised by. For the rest of us, we can use this as a friendly reminder that you should always make sure that nothing is already living in your house before you move in, up-to and including other people.

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