Grand Junction sure has seen its fair share of fun places over the years. It's like a revolving wheel of fun ideas as you look back at things to do on the Western Slope over the years.

Previous generations who lived in Grand Junction got to enjoy all kinds of businesses and attractions that are not around in 2023. We can remember them fondly and try to recreate some of those great ideas, and maybe improve on them.

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Fun Activities in Grand Junction in 2023

Today, Grand Junction is home to cool places like Bananas, Get Air, Solve It Escape Games, the Climbing Center, Kodiaxe, Board Fox Games, and our very own ski resort on the Grand Mesa at Powderhorn Mountain. Add to that all the ATV rental places around town and there are a number of cool adventures to go out and experience.

Places We Wish Were Still in Grand Junction

Grand Junction used to have its own Zoo. Some can remember the race track known as Uranium Downs from back in the day. Of course, no trip down memory lane in Grand Junction is complete without mentioning places like Rocket Park, Fun Junction, the Black Bridge Drive-In, and the Rainbow Roller Rink. What else can you remember?

Funs Things Today's Generation of Coloradans are Missing Out On

We asked you to remind us of some fun things that used to be in Grand Junction that today's generation may be missing out on. Scroll on through the photos below to see the top answers. Add yours by visiting our Facebook page or by opening our station app to chat about some of the places you miss the most.

25 Things Today's Generation of Coloradans are Missing Out On

Grand Junction has seen lots of fun places come and go over the years. It's safe to say there are a number of things that today's generation doesn't get to enjoy the way previous ones did. Can you think of something your generation enjoyed in Grand Junction that people are missing out on today? See the top answers below.

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We asked you what local businesses made growing up in Grand Junction awesome. Join us as we stroll down memory lane with some shout-outs for some of our favorite local establishments along the way.

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