I recently went to Utah and on to Las Vegas for a wedding. The speed limit in Utah is too fast for my liking anyways. I know the open road can get boring but 80 mph is just too high.

It got me thinking, is Colorado's interstate speed limit too high? It is 75 mph. The same in New Mexico, too. So I checked out the top 5 states with more than average speed limits. And if you are driving in weather it's recommended to go 1/3 of the posted speed, especially in rain or snow.

Texas comes in first at 85 mph. I only saw 75 when I lived outside of Fort Worth for a short time. But I will tell you, they practically ran me off the road. They drive so fast.

South Dakota is second at 75, but Colorado is the same as them. North Dakota and Idaho are 75 to 80. Maine and Wyoming are 75. Hawaii is only 60, maybe I should move over there.

When traveling this spring and summer please watch your speed. I know people were passing us in Utah well beyond 80 mph. Be safe and take care on the roadways.

Is The Speed Limit To Fast On The Interstate In Colorado

Speed limits are not meant to be broken

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